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Order Opilioacarida

(by Bruce Halliday)

The order Opilioacarida includes a single family of large mites (larger than 1 mm) that have many character states that are considered to be ancestral (Krantz 1978). They are widespread but rare in semi-arid climates, where they are found under stones. An unidentified species has been collected in Kakadu National Park, where it feeds on mites and insects, as well as fungal hyphae and pollen (Walter and Proctor 1998).


Krantz G.W. 1978. A Manual of Acarology. Second Edition. Oregon State University Bookstore, Corvallis, Oregon, 509 pp.

Walter D.E. & Proctor H.C. 1998. Feeding behaviour and phylogeny: observations on early derivative Acari. Experimental and Applied Acarology 22, 39-50.

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