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The following list (known to be many years out of date as of 2018) contains some of the scientists and amateurs working on arachnology and related subjects in the Australasian region.


New South Wales

Macquarie University, Sydney

Astrid Heiling
E-Mail: astrid.heiling@univie.ac.at
Web: http://www.univie.ac.at/zoologie/ecophys/heiling.htm
Research Interests: Behavioural Ecology, Araneidae, Thomisidae
Mariella Herberstein
E-Mail: m.herberstein@bio.mq.edu.au
Web: http://www.bio.mq.edu.au/behaviouralecology/
Research Interests: Behavioural Ecology, Araneidae, Thomisidae
Phil Taylor
E-Mail: phil@galliform.bhs.mq.edu.au
Web: http://galliform.bhs.mq.edu.au/~phil/
Research Interests: Behavioural Ecology, Salticidae, Lycosidae

Australian Museum

Mike Gray
E-Mail: mikeg@austmus.gov.au
Web: http://www.amonline.net.au/sand/news/gray.htm
Research Interests: Taxonomy and Systematics, Atrax
Helen Smith
E-Mail: hsmith@austmus.gov.au
Web: http://www.amonline.net.au/spiders/staff/smith.htm
Research Interests: Taxonomy and Systematics, Behavioural Ecology, Araneidae: Poltys, Stiphidiidae
Graham Milledge
E-Mail: grahamm@austmus.gov.au
Web: http://www.amonline.net.au/spiders/staff/milledge.htm
Research Interests:

Other New South Wales Institutions

Richard Faulder
E-Mail: rfaulder@iinet.net.au
Research Interests: Taxonomy, Missulena
Geoff Isbister
E-Mail: gsbite@ferntree.com
Web: http://www.users.bigpond.com/gsbite/index.htm
Research Interests: Medical effects of spider bites
Sydney Lee Jordan, Zoology Dept, University of New England
E-Mail: sjordan2@pobox.une.edu.au
Research Interests: Behaviour, Phylogeny & Ecology, Mygalomorphae
Mary Whitehouse, CSIRO Cotton Research Institute, Narrabri
E-Mail: Mary.Whitehouse@csiro.au
Research Interests: Behavioural Ecology, Spiders in Agroecosystems


Queensland Museum

Claudia Arango
E-Mail: claudia.arango@qm.qld.gov.au
Web: http://www.qm.qld.gov.au/
Research Interests: Taxonomy and Systematics, Pycnogonida
Barbara Baehr
E-Mail: BarbaraB@qm.qld.gov.au
Web: http://www.qm.qld.gov.au/
AAS-homepage: Barbara Baehr
Research Interests: Taxonomy and Systematics, Hersiliidae, Zodariidae, Prodidomidae
Robert Raven
E-Mail: RobertR@qm.qld.gov.au
Web: http://www.qm.qld.gov.au/
Research Interests: Taxonomy and Systematics, Biogeography, Mygalomorphae, Miturgoids
Owen Seeman
E-Mail: Owen.Seeman@qm.qld.gov.au
AAS-homepage: Owen Seeman
Research Interests: Systematics and ecology of mites living on other arthropods; Tetranychidae
Robert Whyte
E-Mail: rob@toadshow.com.au
Web: http://www.arachne.org.au
Research Interests: A Field Guide to Spiders of Australia, CSIRO Publishing 2017


Tracey Churchill, Ecospider Consulting
E-Mail: 774337@tpg.com.au
E-Mail: tc@ecospider.com.au
Web: http://www.ecospider.com.au
Web: http://www.qvmag.tas.gov.au/zoology/Sites/sites_churchill.html
Research Interests: Research Interests: Spider community ecology, spiders as ecological indicators, Barychelidae, Theraphosidae, Zodariidae
Martha Yanez Smith, Faul St, Aspley
E-Mail: marcmartha@bigpond.com
Research Interests: Taxonomy & Ecology, Theraphosidae, esp. Brachypelma

Australian Capital Territory

Australian National University

David Rowell
E-Mail: David.Rowell@anu.edu.au
Research Interests: Genetics, Delena cancerides
Mark Wong
E-Mail: u4930347@anu.edu.au
Research Interests: Phenotypic divergence in an Australian funnel-web spider Atrax sutherlandi

Australian National Insect Collection

Bruce Halliday, Curator of Arachnids
E-Mail: Bruce.Halliday@csiro.au
Web: http://www.csiro.au/people/Bruce.Halliday.html
Research Interests: Acarology
Barry Richardson
E-Mail: barrysalt@bigpond.com, barry.richardson@csiro.au
Research Interests: Taxonomy, Systematics and Biogeography, Salticidae


University of Melbourne

Mark Elgar
E-Mail: m.elgar@unimelb.edu.au
Web: http://www.zoology.unimelb.edu.au/aboutus/staff/index.php?45,4
Research Interests: Behavioural Ecology, Araneidae (Nephila, Argiope), Salticidae, Lycosidae
Melinda Moir
E-Mail: mmoir@unimelb.edu.au
Web: http://www.botany.unimelb.edu.au/botany/aboutus/staff/moir.html
Research Interests: Biodiversity, conservation and restoration reassembly of invertebrates

Northern Territory

Western Australia

Western Australian Museum

Volker Framenau
E-Mail: volker.framenau@museum.wa.gov.au
Web: http://www.lycosidae.info/identification/australia/
AAS-homepage: Volker Framenau
Research Interests: taxonomy and systematics, behavioural ecology, Araneidae, Lycosidae, Selenopidae
Mark Harvey
E-Mail: mark.Harvey@museum.wa.gov.au
Web: http://www.museum.wa.gov.au/
AAS-homepage: Mark Harvey
Research Interests: Taxonomy and Systematics: smaller arachnid orders, Nephila, Selenopidae
Michael Rix
E-Mail: mailto:michael.rix@museum.wa.gov.au
AAS-homepage: Michael Rix
Research Interests: Taxonomy and Systematics, Biogeography and Short-Range Endemism, Micro-Araneae, Palpimanoidea, Araneoidea, Schizomida
Julianne Waldock
E-Mail: -
Web: http://www.museum.wa.gov.au/
AAS-homepage: Julianne Waldock
Research Interests: Taxonomy and Systematics, Salticidae: Maratus
Cathy Car
E-Mail: ccar@csu.edu.au
Research Interests: Taxonomy and Systematics, Thomisidae

University of Western Australia

Karen Edward
E-Mail: karen.edward@gmail.com
Research Interests: Taxonomy and Systematics of Goblin Spiders (Oonopidae), Myriapoda
Danilo Harms
E-Mail: danilo.harms@gmx.de
AAS-homepage: Danilo Harms
Research Interests: pirate spiders (Mimetidae) of Australasia and Africa, palaeontology of pirate spiders, phylogeny of pseudoscorpions of the family Chthoniidae
Barbara Main
E-Mail: bymain@cyllene.uwa.edu.au
Research Interests: Taxonomy and Systematics, Ecology, Behaviour, Mygalomorphae

Department of Environment and Conservation

Karl Brennan
E-Mail: karl.brennan@dec.wa.gov.au
Web: http://www.members.westnet.com.au/cryptobarsac/kecbrennan.htm
Research Interests: Community Ecology (species diversity, disturbance); Conservation Biology (habitat fragmentation, sampling protocols); Landscape Ecology (spatial patterning); Restoration Ecology (re-assembly trajectories)
Brad Durrant
E-Mail: bradley.durrant@dec.wa.gov.au
Research Interests: Taxonomy and Systematics, Zodariidae, Lamponidae, Biogeography, Ecosystem and Community Ecology

Department of Agriculture

Peter Langlands
E-Mail: Peterlanglands@gmail.com
Research Interests: Ecosystem and Community Ecology, Conservation, Disturbance by fire, Evaluation of sampling techniques

Private Sector

Erich Volschenk, Phoenix Environmental Sciences
E-Mail: erich.volschenk@phoenixenv.com.au
Web: Phoenix Environmental Sciences
Research Interests: Systematics of Scorpiones: Buthidae, Urodacidae, Liochelidae

South Australia

South Australian Museum

Peter Hudson
E-Mail: peter.hudson@samuseum.sa.gov.au
Research Interests: Taxonomy, ecology and physiology of terrestrial invertebrates living on dry salt lakes, Lycosidae


David Hirst
Research Interests: Taxonomy and Systematics, Sparassidae

Adelaide University

Andy Austin
E-Mail: andy.austin@adelaide.edu.au
Web: http://nesuab.ees.adelaide.edu.au/
Web: http://www.adelaide.edu.au/directory/andy.austin
Research Interests: Systematics, Molecular Systematics, Lycosidae, Spider Parasites
Nick Murphy
E-Mail: Nicholas.Murphy@adelaide.edu.au
Web: http://www.adelaide.edu.au/directory/nicholas.murphy
Research Interests: Taxonomy and Systematics, Molecular Systematics, Lycosidae

Arid Areas Catchment Water Management Board

Travis Gotch
E-Mail: gotch.travis@saugov.sa.gov.au
Research Interests: Ecology of Great Artesian Basin Springs, Lycosidae


Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

Liz Turner
E-Mail: liz.turner@tmag.tas.gov.au
Web: http://www.tmag.tas.gov.au
Research Interests: General Taxonomy and Ecology


Lisa Boutin
E-Mail: lisajoyb@yahoo.com, Lisa.Boutin@qvmag.tas.gov.au
Research Interests: Taxonomy and Systematics, Clubionidae


Robert Jackson
E-Mail: robert.jackson@canterbury.ac.nz
Web: http://www.biol.canterbury.ac.nz/people/jacksonr.shtml
Research Interests: Animal cognition (perception, search images, selective attention, problem solving, decision making), communication systems, conditional predatory strategies, predator-prey co-evolution and aggressive mimicry.
Simon Pollard
E-Mail: spollard@cantmus.govnt.nz
Research Interests:
Phil Sirvid
E-Mail: phils@tepapa.govt.nz
Web: http://www.tepapa.govt.nz/
Research Interests: Taxonomy and systematics (particularly for NZ spiders), Thomisidae, hadrotarsine TheridiidaeOverseas Arachnologists working on Australasian fauna
Cor Vink
E-Mail: cor.vink@arachnology.org; cor.vink@agresearch.co.nz
AAS-homepage: Cor J. Vink
Research Interests: Taxonomy and Systematics, Molecular Phylogeny, Lycosidae


Matt Bruce, Behavioural Biology, Utrecht University (The Netherlands)
E-Mail: M.J.Bruce@bio.uu.nl
Web: http://www.freewebs.com/metko/index.htm
Research Interests: Function of web decorations in orb-web spiders; Phylogeny of spiders in the genus Argiope; Spider foraging and anti-predator behaviour.
Roberta Engel, University of Connecticut (USA)
E-Mail: engellaohi@yahoo.com
Web: Research Interests: Speciation and molecular phylogeny of pseudoscorpions, island biogeography, Synsphyronus
Joseph Koh, Singapore High Commission, Brunei
E-Mail: joseph_koh@mfa.gov.sg
Web: http://habitatnews.nus.edu.sg/guidebooks/spiders
Research Interests: Taxonomy & Systematics, Southeast Asian spiders
Daiqin Li, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Singapore
E-Mail: dbslidq@nus.edu.sg
Web: http://www.dbs.nus.edu.sg/Staff/li.html
Research Interests: Behavioural Ecology, Communication, Salticidae, Biodiversity of Tropical Spiders.
Vladimir Ovtsharenko, American Museum of Natural History (USA)
E-Mail: ovtshare@amnh.org
Research Interests: Taxonomy and Systematics, Gnaphosoids
Norman Platnick, American Museum of Natural History (USA)
E-Mail: platnick@amnh.org
Web: The World Spider Catalog, Version 5.5
Research Interests: Taxonomy and Systematics, Gnaphosoids
Linda Rayor, Cornell University, Ithaca (USA)
E-Mail: LSR1@cornell.edu
Web: http://www.entomology.cornell.edu/Faculty_Staff/Rayor/
Research Interests: Behavioural Ecology, Social behavior & mother-offspring interactions, Sparassidae (especially Delena cancerides), Amblypygi
Nikolaj Scharff, University of Copenhagen (Denmark)
E-Mail: nscharff@snm.ku.dk
Web: http://www.zmuc.dk/entoWeb/staff/nscharff.htm
Research Interests: Phylogeny and comparative morphology of spiders; phylogeny and taxonomy of the spider superfamily Orbicularia in particular; historical biogeography of the spider fauna of the Southern Hemisphere, in particular the Afromontane spider fauna; species richness estimations of spiders in tropical ecosystems; functional morphology of spider genitalia
Jutta Schneider, University of Hamburg (Germany)
E-Mail: js@gilgamesh.de
Web: http://spider.gilgamesh.de/
Web: http://www.biologie.uni-hamburg.de/zim/ethologie/#Schneider
Research Interests: Behavioural Ecology, Nephila
Jung-Sun Yoo, National Institute of Biological Resources, Incheon (Republic of Korea)
E-Mail: nyjs@yahoo.com
Web: -
AAS-homepage: Jung-Sun Yoo
Research Interests: Taxonomy and Systematics, Wolf Spiders (Lycosidae) and other ground dwelling spiders
Mark Zabka
E-Mail: marekzabka@ap.siedlce.pl
Research Interests: Taxonomy and Systematics, Salticidae

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