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Dr Mark Stephen Harvey

Dr Mark Stephen Harvey
Dr Mark Stephen Harvey
Senior Curator
Department of Terrestrial Invertebrates
Western Australian Museum
Locked Bag 49, Welshpool DC
Western Australia 6986


  • Bachelor of Science, 1979, Monash University
  • Doctor of Philosophy, 1983, Monash University [Contributions to the systematics of the Pseudoscorpionida (Arachnida): the genus Synsphyronus Chamberlin (Garypidae) and the family Sternophoridae]

Research Interests

For over 30 years I have maintained a research programme devoted to the systematics and biogeography of Australasian arachnids, with major contributions to the study of pseudoscorpions, spiders and water mites, as well as some of the smaller orders such as the Schizomida and Amblypygi.

I have developed an online catalog of the Pseudoscorpions of the World.


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