AAS Australasian Arachnological Society

12th International Congress of Arachnology

Coverpage Australian Arachnology
Proceedings of the 12th International Congress of Arachnology, Brisbane, Australia.

Memoirs of the Queensland Museum 33(2).

Papers on Australasian Arachnology

Elgar, M.A. 1993. Inter-specific associations involving spiders: kleptoparasitism, mimicry and mutualism. Mem. Qd Mus 33, 401-410.

Austin, A.D. 1993. Nest associates of Clubiona robusta L. Koch (Araneae: Clubionide) in Australia. Mem. Qd Mus 33, 441-446.

Churchill, T.B. 1993. Effects of sampling method on composition of a Tasmanian coastal heathland spider assemblage. Mem. Qd Mus 33, 475-482.

Davies, V. Todd. 1993. A new spider genus (Araneae: Amaurobioidea) from rainforests of Queensland. Mem. Qd Mus 33, 483-490.

Deeleman-Rainhold, C.L. 1993. An inventory of the spiders in two primary tropical forests in Sabah, North Borneo. Mem. Qd Mus 33, 491-496.

Fairweather, P.G. 1993. Abundance and structure of fossorial spider populations. Mem. Qd Mus 33, 513-518.

Hirst, D.B. 1993. A new species of Amaurobioides O. P.-Cambridge (Anyphaenidae: Araneae) from South Australia. Mem. Qd Mus 33, 529-532.

Humphreys, W.F. 1993. Criteria for identifying thermal behaviour in spiders: a low technology approach. Mem. Qd Mus 33, 543-550.

Hunt, G.S. and Maury E.A. 1993. Hypertrophy of male genitalia in South American and Australian Triaenonychidae (Arachnida: Opiliones: Laniatores). Mem. Qd Mus 33, 551-556.

Jackson, R.R. and Wilcox, R.S. 1993. Predatory-prey co-evolution of Portia fimbriata and Euryattus sp., jumping spiders from Queensland. Mem. Qd Mus 33, 557-560.

Jocqu�, R. 1993. "We'll meet again", an expression remarkably applicable to the historical biogeography of Australian Zodariidae (Araneae). Mem. Qd Mus 33, 561-564.

Lehtinen, P.T. 1993. Polynesian Thomisidae - a meeting of old and new world groups. Mem. Qd Mus 33, 585-592.

Locket, N.A. 1993. Scorpion distribution in a dune and swale mallee environment. Mem. Qd Mus 33, 593-598.

Main, B.Y. 1993. Form flood avoidance to foraging: adaptive shifts in trapdoor spider behaviour. Mem. Qd Mus 33, 599-606.

Wishart, G.F.C. 1993. The biology of spiders and phenology of wandering males in a forest remnant (Araneae: Mygalomorphae). Mem. Qd Mus 33, 675-680.

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