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73 (January 2006)


Gaynor Owen: Thesis abstract: Conserving Biodiversity in the Rangelands: Are Land Systems Effective Surrogates for Spider Assemblages?

Matt Bruce: Thesis abstract: The Function and Phylogeny of Web Decorations in Orb-web Spiders.

Volker W. Framenau: Travel into the unknown: the Australian orb-weaving spiders of the subfamily Araneinae.

Steven C. Nunn: A continuing 6-year-study of a long lived semi-arid zone Australian tarantula: 1. Natural history of Selenotypus sp. "glenelva" (Araneae, Therophosidae).

Tracy B. Churchill: A short history of the Australasian Arachnological Society.

"Invertebrates 2005": Abstracts of the symposium 'Australasian Arachnology - Evolution, Ecology and Conservation'.

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