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The Australasian Arachnological Society convened four meetings since its inauguration in 1979.

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The first meeting was convened in 1986 in Tanunda (South Australia) as a special symposium of the 17th Annual General Meeting and Conference of the Australian Entomological Society. Twelve papers were presented and eleven were published in a special proceedings volume 'Australian Arachnology", edited by A. D. Austin and N. Heather (Australian Entmological Society Miscellaneaous Publicaitons No. 5). Find a list of published papers here.
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The 12th International Congress of Arachnology in Brisbane from the 12th to 18th July 1992 must, at the same time, be regarded as the second meeting of the Australasian Arachnological Society. The conference proceedings were published in the Memoirs of the Queensland Museum vol. 33 (2). This volume contains 46 papers on arachnology, 15 of which dealing with Australasian topics.
Coverpage Spiders of Australia
The Combined Australian Entomological Society, Society of Australian Systematic Biologists and Invertebrate Biodiversity and Conservation Conference in Canberra in December 2005 provided the platform for a further meeting of the Australasian Arachnological Society. The AAS convened a symposium Australasian Arachnology - Evolution, Ecology and Conservation. The abstracts of this symposium were published in Australasian Arachnology Issue 73 in January 2006, that can be downloaded free of charge here.
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The Combined Australian Entomological Society and Australasian Arachnological Society Conference in Hobart in November 2012.

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