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61 (January 2001)


P. Jδger – Sparassidae for Heteropodidae – a family name change

Book Review (by M.S. Harvey): S. Daxiang, Z. Mingsheng & C. Jun – The Spiders of China; and Z. Junfeng, S. Bo & Z. Xiju – Miocene Insects and Spiders form Shanwang, Shandong

K.-J. Lamb – Mound spring spiders of arid South Australia

M.S. Harvey – The Australian Biological Information Facility – a useful resource for arachnologists

M.S. Harvey – A change of scorpion families

Postgraduate Projects: L. Ashby – The successional response of spider (Aranae) communities to fire in a Western Australian Jarrah forest

Postgraduate Projects: M. Moir – Spider communities as bioindicators of rehabilitated mined sites subjected to fire

G. Wilce – Do spiders make you laugh?

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