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Newsletter: ‘Australasian Arachnology’ ISSN 0811-3696

57 (November 1999)


Orbituary (by B.Y. Main): Graeme Talbot Smith (1938 � 1999)

Book & CD Reviews (by M.S. Harvey): R.B. Halliday � Mites of Australia: a checklist and bibliography; M.J. Colloff & R.B. Halliday � Oribatid Mites, a catalogue of Australian genera and species; G.S. Hunt, R.A. Norton, J.P.H. Kelly, M.J. Colloff & S.M. Lindsay � Oribatid Mites: an Interactive Glossary of Oribatid Mites; G.S. Hunt, M.J. Colloff, M.J. Dallwitz & D.E. Walter � An Interactive Key to Oribatid Mites of Australia; D.E. Walter & H.C. Procter � Mites � Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour

Postgraduate Projects: P. Maiden � Web site selection and foraging behaviour of a riparian orb-web spide: Tetragnatha valida (Araneae, Tetragnathidae)

Conference Review (by R. Blanche & J. Matthiessen): 7th Australasian Conference on Grassland Invertebrate Ecology, Perth 1999

Conference Review (by T. Churchill): ESA99: Ecological Connections, Perth 1999

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